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Okay my loves :o! [20 Dec 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

new LJ name o-o; miss_hatter for those who want to continue reading my journal that I will start using again :: cough :: ... :D! add away o-o;

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[10 Nov 2004|05:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I went through Jence's buddy friend people and I took quizes from quirrilia because I got extreamly bored.

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Hell yeah! [09 Nov 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Kal: What are you retarded?
Jence: well..sure! ^^;;;
Jence: er
Jence: not to the retarded thing. XD
Jence: Kal: What are you retarded?
Jence: well..sure! ^^;;;
Jence: >>
Kal: Exactly
Kal: I'm posting that on LJ
Jence: ...
Kal: That is smooth
Jence: T_T

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[23 Oct 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

" Humans are things with big big bottoms with bad shorts that walk around saying "HI HELEN!" " - Quoted by Batty Coda from Fern Gully!

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[16 Aug 2004|09:58am]
[ mood | depressed ]

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Mama might end up being admitted in the hospital ... she's been coughing up blood without telling anyone

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AAAAAAAAAAAH! [07 Aug 2004|01:53pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I can only hear out of one ear and everything sounds warpped! S.O.S! I'M GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE T_________T!

Ash went to go get tires for our car >_>; ... refer to icon plz!

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Ow x-x! [06 Aug 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I go to the doctors today cause my ear hurt ... he comes in .. looks at my ear and pulls out a hunk of yuckieness from my ear .. and now it like .. hurts more ;0;
so all I have to say is ow T_T

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Bwar .. I will drown [04 Aug 2004|02:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Your Life & Death
First Name
Your death... You will drown.
Age you will die at... 35
You will have sex __ times in your life... 39
Will you find your true love? (8) - As I see it, yes. - (8)
Insanity Meter - 94%
Intelligence Meter - 9%
This QuickKwiz by animalzrforever - Taken 82 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

My insanity meter >D
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Rawrzorz [04 Aug 2004|12:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Time Now: 12:04 PM


Name: Kalleh
Height: 5'2"
Sign: Leo
School: Home
Grade: 10


Parents Names: Chris, Steve
Do you get along with them?: Yup, I'd get along better with dad if he were alive though >_>
Siblings (Name, Sex, Age): Ashlei, Female, 17( She got old fast ;-; ) : Mike, Male, 25 : Robert, Male, 27
Pets (kind, name): My sexy puppy, Winston! Stubby Puppy, Echo~ and Poozer (Dog), Schnoodles!


Best friend(s): Lin, Trishie, Jennifer
Why are they your best friends?: They're always making me laugh and they're always there for me <3!
Good friends: Ashley, Tera, Randi and John Love
Best Guy Friend(s): John Love ( too many John's so I'm useing his last name! XD ) and Locke~
Best Girl Friend(s): Ashlei, Linnie, Trishe, Jennifer and Ashley

Which One of your friends are:

Nicest: Lin
Meanest: As of now Alan ... although .. he's really not my friend anymore .. so maybe that doesn't count
Funniest: Linnie!
Loudest: Tie between Ashley and Ashlei
Quietest: Linnie again!
Most Shy: Again teh Lin
Most Outgoing: Ashley and Tera
Tallest: John XD
Shortest: Jence XD
Craziest: It's hard to say ... I think we're all crazy >_>
Kinkiest: Ashley >_>
Horniest: Ashley again
Most b/fs, g/fs, crushes: I .. haven't the slightest XD
Dumbest/Blondest: Ashley
Biggest Playa: None .. I don't think ... closest we've got to that would be Ashley
Shortest Temper: Ashlei
Longest Temper: ... none
Most Perfect: Hard to say
Most Insecure: Ashley
Coolest Car: Ashley ... caaause she's the only one WITH a car
Best House: Ashley again
Sweetest: Linneh`
Most Trusting: ... Well .. I can't tell anymore
Most Honest: Linneh
Gives Best Advice: Jence
Trust the Most: Above all, Lin

Love Life:

Have you been kissed?: Yup
How far have you gone?: far in what? o_o;
Are you a Virgin?: Hell yeah! And I plan to stay one until' I'm 18! PH33R ME!
Have you been to 1st/2nd/3rd or 4th base?: What are the bases? o______o;
Do you even know what the bases are?: No T_T!
Do you have a bf/gf?: Of course not .. no one likes me ;0;
Do you have a crush, if so how long did you like them?: Yus indeed ... and I guess a little long o_O
How long have you liked him/her?: Eeeh ... about a year or so o_o;
What’s his/her name?: I'd tell you .. but you don't know him :D
How much do you like them on a scale of 1 to 10?: Hard to say .. I don't even know how much I like 'im T_T;


Food: Taco Bell ... Taco Taco! and Subway o_o;
Drink: Dr. Peper o_o; And Mountain Dew!
Dessert: Chocolate!
Sport: Swimming o_o;
Team in that Sport: None >_>
Player from that team: Again none
CD: Usher - Confessions <3!
Song: Eeeeven though I hate her "My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne"
Music Video: "Breaking the Habbits - Linkin' Park"
Singer: Usher
Rapper: I'm not much for Rap but Ludacris is kewl XD
Movie: Spider Man 2, HP3, iRobot and Catwoman
Actor: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Tom Felton
Actress: Emma Watson
TV Show: Chaplle Show
Character from that show: Dave Chaplle Dur.
Cartoon: Digimon 02
Character from that show: Veemon :D
School: Home :D
Grade: 5th and KinderGarden <3!
Animal(s): Persian Kittens, Yorkiepoos, Yorkies, Floppy-eared Bunnies, and Ceberian Huskies
Color(s): Green and Black
Flower: Honey Suckles
Car: 2002 Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse
Day: The days that end in "day"
Radio Station: 93.3
Channel: Fox Family, Comedy Central
B/F, G/F: Humn .. Alan was a favorite, him and Taylor XD
Friend At School: I don't go to school ;0;
Boy Name(s): Alexander, Isaiah
Girl Name(s): Leilani, Skyler
Pet Name(s): Pukah, Baby

This or That:

Car/Truck: Car
Coke/Pepsi: Pepsi
Tall/Short: Guys - Tall <3
Short Hair/Long Hair: Long hair for me - Short for boys
Pringles/Doritos: Pringles
Scary Movie/Romantic Movie: Scary
Dog/Cat: CatDog!
Fish/Bird: Fish ^^;
Shoes/Sandles: Barefoot!
Love/Lust: Love
Like/Crush: Aren't they the same?
Food/Drink: Uh.
Email/Snail Mail: Snail mail!
Black/White: Black
Blue/Red: Blue
Orange/Green: Green
Pink/Purple: Pink

GIRLS Only Section:

Short Hair/Long Hair: Short
Short/Tall: Tall
Skinny/Average/Fat: Slim with muscles
Boxers/Briefs: Boxers
Hott/Sexy: Sexy
Cute/Pretty: Cute
Brown Hair/Blonde Hair: Brown
Prep/Thugged Out: ... Neither
Easy/Hard To Get: Easy?
Kinky/Old Fashioned: Eh?

First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear:

Ugly: Too long of a list >_>
Fat: Drew Carey
Cute: Puppy!
Hott: Stove
Guys: John Love XD
Girls: Ashley
Fags: Johnny and Billy >_>
Lesbians: Uhmn
Hard: head
Soft: heart
Wet: rain
Watery: eyes
Silver: Necklace which I stole from John XD
Gold: Yuck
TV: American Idol
Money: Shop
School: Miss it o-o;
Work: Maryland Chicken
Love: John Love XD
Eat: Hungry which I am
Drink: Thirsty
Swallow: Back wash? o_O
Suck: blood >D
Blow: Wind o-o
Inside: Outside?
Outside: INSIDE!
Sex: Never did it, prefer to hate it, scared of it

Final Questions:

Did This Survey Really Annoy You?: I guess o-o
Who Do You Hope Fills This Out?: I don't care o-o
Do You Want More Questions?: Not really
Are You Glad Your Done?: Yes

What Time Is It Now?: 12:44 PM

I've decided to make my journal public again o-o;

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[21 Jul 2004|10:04am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Time for friends only o-o; there is too much bullshit flying around to know or trust who is who anymore

sooo I'm using this lovly banner by tomodachi_icons!

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[19 Jul 2004|12:18pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Open a fortune cookie!
Do you like chinese food?
Your fortune Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.
Is luck on your side? (8) - Don't count on it. - (8)
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" Is luck on your side? Don't count on it" ... I could have told you that myself .. lucks never on my side .. luck hates me .. correction .. LOATHS me ;0;

I just came back from Oniichan's house it was fun .. yay o_o;;

I'm very annoyed with winston though ... he will not leave schnoodles alone so we have to lock her up in my room while she scratched at my door .. that asshole >O

Not much is going on today ... I've gotta go back to the toe doctor again today... I'm not sure if he's gonna work on my other tonail today or not o_O; oh well. Tomorrow we get to go FOOD SHOPPING :: holy lights come down and a heavenly song play :: YAAAAAY~!~! Food <3 ... which reminds me .. I left my left over food at Oniichan's house ;-; Oh well T_T; Then on Wensday me mom n' ash plan to go out .. have chinese food and then see a movie .. I'm not sure which one either i, Robot or King Arther but it'll be fun none the less :D!

I'm not sure when but Johnny, John, Ashley and Ashlei are going to see Catwoman ... I'm not sure if I'm going if so I'll be a third wheel e_x, but hell it'll be a free movie!

I suppose this is all for today ... I'll go play some FFXI now o_o;
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fuck it [16 Jul 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Insanity Test
Your problem is ...Well what ISN'T your problem?
Will you ever be cured? (8) - Outlook good. - (8)
Just how crazy are you? - 11%
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I'll agree with that
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Stolen from Rainy! [15 Jul 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Your LJ RPG Team
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Weapon of Choice
Your Partner kinari
Your Warrior superpchan
The Giggly, Flirtatious Magic User with Big Breasts coloure
The Talking Animal ayriel_chan
Main Archenemy lemon_teardrops
Evil Incarnate lenna
This cool quiz by ass_ - Taken 9014 Times.
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... >_> Suits Ashlei .. evil, bigchested and flirty :D! XD;
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[14 Jul 2004|02:14am]
[ mood | crazy ]


what's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla

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[12 Jul 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Livejournal Family!
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Husband zenzenmusiclj
Mother superpchan
Father shinra_icon
Sister yukiblade
Brother kinari
Dog lenna
This Quiz by Rikku - Taken 14123 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

Alright so ... My parents are communitys and husband is a MP3 site .. My sister is Lin .. ( Which is true! ), Rainy is my brother ... >_> and my sister is my dog .......... Riiiiiight .. that is one farked up family!
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stolen from Lin who got it from Ash who stole it from Randi who got it from Sky-san! XD [12 Jul 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

Say something to each of your LJ friends, but anonymously. If you have an idea of which comment applies to you, tell me.. but I might not reveal anything.Collapse )

Read plz!

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but you was just a waste of time ..... [11 Jul 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

"So now after all that's said and done
Maybe I'm the one to blame...
To think that you could be the one ...
Well it didn't turn out that way"


Today was basically just swimming .. Ashley (friend) came over around 1 or 2 and dragged us out to the pool ... so we basically just swam and talked and danced ad had a good time XD; We left the pool around 4 and decided " Oh hey I'm hungry! .. Chinese Food!" So .. we went down to China King and the dinner buffet isn't open until 5 so ... we walk over to Wal-Mart which is right across the street XD;

So we walk around Wal-Mart and Ashley (friend) buys a few CDs of country singers x_x EW country X______X!!! :: Hates country! :: and just walked around .. one of Ashley's (friend) friends work there so we sat and talked to her for a while. They sat there and talked about coloage X_X I'm so scared of all that ... Not only will Ash not have to money to go to collage I definatly won't T_T; Stupid having to pay to go to farking school e_E they expect us to get an education but you have to PAY for it E_E!

ANYWAYS .. I got off topic! So then we leave her and run into another friend of hers .. I think his name is Kyle ... but in all seriousness .. he looks EXACTLY like Shane West! ... well I'm over exagerating ... he looked a little more like a normal person and less like a drug lord >_>. But yeah none the less he looked like Shane West ... so we talked to him and he took us back over to china King so we didn't have to walk XD And he stayed there and talked to us and all that .. but yeah ... his phone was ringing off the hook .. it was his ex-girlfriend callling him talkin' about " I saw you walking out of Wal-Mart with 3 girls! " she was apparently very possesive .. I hate that about people .. they always possesive .. even if the guy or girl isn't theirs anymore ... it just ... annoys the shiznicks out of me XD;.. so ANYWAYS~ it was all gravy~ We asked him if he'd like to come back and swim with us and he said yeah .. so he left to go get gas in his car and to get his puppy .. cause he didn't want the puppy being alone ;_;! How sweet~ Well ... it was either that or he didn't want the dog tearing up his house XD; one or the other .. or both even~ Anyways .. he brought his dog .. and it was so cute! It was just a puppy like .. 10 months old~! it was a german shpperd/rott mix .. IT WAS SO CUTE! <3! Anywho ... we swam and talked about random things ... Ash ( friend ) kept loseing us with half the things she said .. shereally wasn't making sence XD; maybe she was drunk offa pool water XD! Anyways .. Ash and Ashlei ... ( still sounds weird to me ) were all hanging all over him .. useing him as a rest and all that and it was like really depressing ... reminding me of the days with Alan and all that XD; Anywho ... so then the guy who came last night came again saying " I gotta lock the gates .. time to get out~!" and I'm still sitting there like " who the fuck is this guy? .. I've never seen him bbefoooore! ... well asides from yesterday! " .... SOOOO~ We got out and changed back into our dry cloths and Ash ( friend ) left. so we were sitting there and his phone rings again .. and it was her .. and we find out that it was Dannile Black ... She was my Best Friend's ( from like .. kinder garden to 5th grade ) sister XD! weird how things are XD~ anywho so .. he's like " OMG I think I left my watch down at the pool" so we walk down tot the pool and the gates are locked and I tried opening it with my keys but none of them fit .. so like .. he jumped the fence XD; then Ash is like " ... You know .. we could have just opened this door ... it leads out to the pool ya' know >_>" and we're just sitting there " ... Yeah >_> ......... " so .. me and Ash walk through the other door and let him through so that he didn't have to climb the fence again .. and of course he didn't find it .. so we assume the mexican guys who were out with us lifted it .. or the guy who locked the gates did ... soooo we walk back over to his car and he's all like " Damn .. that's an 80 dollar watch T_____T!" and me and Ash are sitting there " We'll ask the land lady if she knows if the guy with the gate locking power took it andput it in like .. lost and found or something tomorrow~" and he's like “alright ..” then he opens his car door and puts his puppy in his car and says “ ... Well .. look at that >_____> .. “ He picked up his watch which was on his car seat and says “ I certainly feel stupid now .. X_X I put it in my car whenever I took the dog out ... so uh .. yeah >____>” ... so we like hugged and said bye and all that XD; but he was nice .. he was kewl~ XD; I hope I see him again XD~ ... but yeah .. that was my day ... just about anyways ... so ... YAY FOR ME~ I had an exciteing week end ... and I also got a semi- tan! XD~!it’s all gravy~

Jyaaaaaa ne~
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So many days, So many hours. I'll be burning till' you return~ [11 Jul 2004|11:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

555! OMG XD~.. thought I'd share that with you o_o;

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another fun day~ [11 Jul 2004|12:31am]
[ mood | geeky ]

"I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you"

Today Ashlee ( Friend I think thats how she spells her name XD ) came over around 12 and dragged me and Ash out to the pool to get tans .. cause we're whiter then ghosts~ XD anyways .. we sat out there and swam and talked and roasted in the sun XD; I got some what of a tan ... but since Ash ( sister) doesn't have as much cheerikee ( I think thats how it's spelt ) in me she got a worse burn then I XD so it's all gravy~ for me at least~

Then around 3 or 4 we got out the pool and went to see Jennifer .. but unfortunatly she wasn't home SO~ We went to the Brandon Mall~ Turns out I HAVE been there once! Ginger and LEah took me and Ash ( sister) there to see the wedding bands that they were getting for the wedding~ <3! But yeah .. first we went to Body Shop and looked around at the kewl cloths we can't afford XD Ash and Ash ( That still sounds weird to me ) are sitting there " Cooome on Kal! Try on stuff ;_;!!! " and I'm like " No >/ " XD; so yeah ... then we went to Sears and played with the drills and washer machines! that was fun for a while once we got bored with that we went to spencers and bought Ash ( Friend ) 2 belly Button Rings~ XD; A play boy bunny one ( it was cute! ) and a flower looking one .. They were cute XD; Belly button peirceings seems pointless to me o_O. ANYWAYS~ so we got those and then we went to JC Pennys looked around and then went to the second floors ( YAY ESCOLATORS! YAYAYAYAY! That was fun! ) do then we played with the bed sets saying " Ew that ones ugly" or " Ooooh PURPLE :: jumps on the bed display :: :DDDDDDD! " ( that didn't actually happen but I'm sure Ash was thinking about doing it! XD ) and then we went to the curtain displays they actually had windows ( without glass ) so Ash (friend ) tells me to climb through one of the windows XD; and I'm like " I can't even fit my head in there let alone my butt! X_X! " and then we went back down and there were these guys infront of us who were waering some good smelling colonge! me and Ash ( friend ) were sitting there " They smell goooood~ <3 :: breathes in deeply :: " XD so then we went to Dillards and looked around .. Ash (friend ) started playing with the skin completion thing and this lady comes over to us and starts telling us about it and gave us free samples .. so YAY FREE SAMPLE! so then~ We decide we're tired of the mall and go to eat!

We went to Apple Bee's ( Reminding me I need to pick at those left overs! ) for dinner ( Ash friend paid for us! .. She so niiiiice ;_;! ) They both got The Chicken Finger Platter and I got my Fried Chicked Salad with my ubar cherry pepsi with actual cherrys in it! >D!~ So we sit there eating and some where in the middle of my meal Ash (friend) is like " I didn't notice there was a baby over there ;_;! " I'm like "WTF?! " and she's like " Behind you .. I didn't notice there was a baby! ;_;" so I turn around and there is a baby in my face! So we sit there and talk to the baby~ Baby baaaby baby~!~!~!~!!~~~!!!!~!~! XD then the baby leaves ;_;! Oh well ... So we sit there and talk and finally we leave then we go back to the pool~

So we go out to the pool around 7 :D ... at first there was like a couple kids out there but they cleared out after 10 minutes so in the end it was just me, Ash and Ash .. >_> so we talk and dance to the music on the radio and all that gravy stuff then this family .. big family ... lots of people .. about like ... 17 people XD .. anyways .. well actually I doubt they were all blood family .. it's more or less a mixed group of two families ... BUT ANYWAYS! you get it .. lots of people ... yeah me and Ash ( friend ) just sit there danceing and talking and Ash ( sister ) at one point joins us ... just without the dance part XD she was to mean to dance ;0;! in the end we ended up talking to this pregnant lady .. telling her not to let the husband raise him ... cause he'd grow up to be a pimp .. just like the rest of the guys! then this guy comes in the pool area talking about " Alright it's time to get out " and I'm sitting there " Who the hell is this guy? .. I've never seen him before ... IMPOSTER! OMG O_O " ...... SOOO we end up leaveing and Ash ( friend ) goes home and here I am WRITEING OMG!

I've uploaded more soooooong yaaay for meeee~ .. And for once .. it's american songs XD!

Let it Burn - Usher ( Even better song XD )
The Reason - Hoobastank ( Good song! )
Leave ( Get Out ) - JoJo
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D.J. play that music louder ... onegaaai~ [09 Jul 2004|11:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Time to write about my day ...

Well~ To start off ... I wake up at 9 in the morning from barking dogs .. someone knocking at the door ... I'm waiting for Mama to answer it ( Cause .. she usually does ) and like .. SHE AIN'T HERE! .. So I walk out of my room tripping over dogs and things and telling the dogs to shut up and I look out the peep hole and I see a fuzzy figure like " who the hell is it T_T?!" so I open the door and at first ( cause I'm like dead asleep ) I think it's Mom .. sso I think for a minute and it's my brother XD~ and he's like " Hey! :DD" and I'm like squiting and trying to wake up " hi..." and he's like " SO how are yoooou?! Is Chris ( Mama) here? Where's Ash? Are you even listening to me?! ;_; " and I'm like ":: groan :: .. How do I look x_X ( sarcasum! ) " and he's like " Well .. you look tired! o_o" ... So I tell him to take a seat and I walk into Ash's room tell her Rob's ( Brother ) is here and she's all like " I WAS SLEEPING ;0;!" and then I walk into Mama's room and SHE'S NOT THERE O_O! so ... I join Rob back in the other room and we talk for a while about how things are and how ginger is and how much we hate Zack :D:D:D!!!

Anyways .. we get around talking about Video Games and Ash is like " Oh yeah I got this new game " Burn Out 2" it's like ... KEWL! like like ... the bigger crashes you make ( you drive in a car and make big crashes! ) the more points you get! :D" and Rob's like " O_O! Kewl come on! Let's go plaaaaaaaay!" and we relocate to Ash's room and start playing! Yaaay us! Anyways ... We're judgeing each others crashes .. like if out car were to fly into a building ( like Ash's car did ) we'd be like " 10! Definatly! O_O!" XD and that was all based on "Kewl Pointz" XD; .. Looooooong story on that one ... that started waaay back when ... so we're sitting there playing this game and Rob'll sit there and poke us while racing and all that .. doing the whole thing like .. putting his finger right infront of my face saying " Iiiii'm not toooouching yooooou!" XD Stuff like that ... but every time he'd start bothering one of us me and Ash would double team him! So he's like " It's not fair 2 against 1 ;_;" and I'm like " well two of us would make up as one of you so it IS fair!" so .. we basically pwned him XD!

then I made coookies .. I went all out Peanut Butter Cookies, Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies! XD So it's all gravy~ so we just hung out for a while with Rob, it was fun~ XD but around 3:30 he took off and we went to go see Ash's friend Ashley ( o_O Toooo many Ashleys! ) so we hung out at her house for an hour or so just talking and catching up then Ashlei ( Sister ) decides " Okay! We're gonna go over to Zack's to get my CDs back! OMG Wheeeee~" so then we drive over to his house and Ray ( Zack's dad ) Zack ( ... Ash's ex ) and Joe ( Ray's friend ) are just sitting there and all that so .. Ash tellss Zack she wants her CD's back ( And I'm like OMG so proud of her! She ACTUALLY looked at him without crying! OMG YAAAAAAY! ) So he gives her the CD and then Lyel (I dunno if that's how his name is spelt ... but aqnyways .. he's Zack's friend ) shows up with his friend Chris ( Lyel's friend who is also Ash and Ash's friend ... ) so Lyel and Chris talk to Zack and they head out somewhere so ... then Pete ( Ray's house mate XD; .. or Room mate~ ) shows up and we all just sit there talk and bull shit with each other~ it was fun ... so around 9 or something we decide we're hungery! and Ray is so nice! ;_; He bought us food! :: grateful! :: so then we eat, talk and bull shit some more~ and then we go back to Ashley's ( Friend ) house and shoot off fire works! That was fun~ .. And we plan to go out tomorrow and go to the mall and all that~ so it's all gravy~ <3!

Most fun I've had in a while~ and the highlights of my day was 1. I had fun, 2. I'm proud of Ash for not breaking down and actually LOOKing at Zack! and 3. Free Food!

Not to mention I took asprins 30 minutes ago cause I had some heart burn stuff or what not and I decided to take Asprins! ... but they were PM asprins .. so it's making me all sleepy X_X I can bearly type I'm so tired @_@!

Aah well .. I'll might write about my day tomorrow if anything actually happends~ so I'll see you later~


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